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Nordbet Casino

  1. NordBet Casino is an online Game, hosted in our Internet Lottery server. This server located in a secure data warehouse. (There is no an extra payment or obligations from you for all services).
  2. Type of Games
    The games for the time being are: Horses 6. 8 – Dogs 6.8 & KENO.
  3. Hardware requirements
    The Hardware that you need to work is:
    • 1 X windows XP PC with 1 MB Ram, HD 80 GB and 2 X VGA Ports ( 1 port For the Monitor & 1 port to TV )
    • 1 X thermal printer (Parallel or Serial )
    • 1 X barcode scanner
    • 1 X TV
  4. The Lotteries for the above games are every 3 minutes.
  5. In one shop you can have more than one Pc with separate or total management and money control from the internet site manager.
  6. Every Pc station has the ability to choose the game that the players want to play every time.
  7. How to play the games
    In one shop you can install many Pc with the above Hardware structure; in every Pc you can choose to play one game.
  8. Every Pc needs a user (shop man).
  9. The players goes to the shop man to give the numbers if he play keno or the odds if he play Dogs & Horses, after that the player take a receipt with his bets from a thermal printer. The player watch in TV the Live matches of Dogs or Horses or the lucky numbers of KENO. After that he goes to the shop man to check the receipt with odds or numbers in the Barcode reader, if he has won the results goes on automatically from the terminal printer in a receipt direct with the money that he won.
  10. How to manage the Games
    The Game managed from an Internet page which is available from our company. He can manage the shops the Pc stations, the percent of the profit, the commission of the shop, the commission of your shop inspectors that you have around your country. And the cashier with all above.
  11. Video Races
    There are available more than 2.500 live video Races Dogs & Horses.
  12. All the videos are preinstalled in the HD of each PC station. The Internet Lottery Server Send to the stations at the end of the Lottery, the video file number that must be run. The period of each Lottery is 3 minutes (period is adjustable).